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Since 1997

About us

About factory

Bin Awair factroy Steel Industries of national factories in Saudi Arabia, which was created in 1997 and specialized industry rooms and Almertblatt the fixed and mobile homes hair, Hinakr and ironware. The factory also features a lot of features that suits your ideas and tastes and demands of others and Takht mechanism Gulf specifications and sizes. Where we have the ability to manufacture fixed and rooms animation, Almertblatt, tents and exported to the Gulf countries. And also features factory capacity design of the exterior of the Mrthblat and tethered viable engineering structures secured for the safety of the road and also we specialized in interior design presence techniques Court locks in interdependence Iron and installation balanced with the rules as well as thermal insulators and the selection and coordination of Colors and wooden doors inlaid veneer wood and sculpture on the doors and engraving Islamic and doors aluminum in all sizes and sizes.